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  • Exploring public perceptions and expectations of the salmon aquaculture industry in Norway: A social license to operate? 

    Olsen, Marit Schei; Amundsen, Vilde Steiro; Osmundsen, Tonje Cecilie (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2023)
    The aquaculture industry depends on the support of society to maintain and extend its activities. In Norway and elsewhere, such support cannot be taken for granted. The public has diverse expectations of the industry, and ...
  • Risk in transit: a case study of the introduction of a new risk definition for risk management in the Norwegian petroleum industry 

    Haavik, Torgeir Kolstø; Kongsvik, Trond Øystein; Vigen, Marius Grefstad (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2023)
    In 2015, a new risk definition was presented by the Norwegian Petroleum Safety Authority (PSA-N) as a petroleum regulation update and ‘rolled out’ in the PSA-N organisation and the oil and gas industry as a regu latory ...
  • Perspectives for plant biology in space and analogue environments 

    De Micco, Veronica; Aronne, Giovanna; Caplin, Nicol; Carnero-Diaz, Eugénie; Herranz, Raúl; Horemans, Nele; Legué, Valérie; Medina, F. Javier; Pereda-Loth, Veronica; Schiefloe, Mona; De Francesco, Sara; Izzo, Luigi Gennaro; Le Disquet, Isabel; Kittang, Ann-Iren (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2023)
    Advancements in plant space biology are required for the realization of human space exploration missions, where the re-supply of resources from Earth is not feasible. Until a few decades ago, space life science was focused ...
  • Learning systems and learning paths in sustainability transitions 

    Svare, Helge; Gjefsen, Mads Dahl; Boer, Alanya; Kok, Kristiaan P. W. (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2023)
    Scholars have stressed the need to better understand the role of learning in sustainability transitions. Even though progress has been made, there is a call for more research, both in the form of large-scale empirical ...
  • Research-based teacher education in Norway – a longitudinal perspective 

    Caspersen, Joakim; Smeby, Jens-Christian (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2023)
    Research has been highlighted as a key dimension in the development of teacher education quality. However, there are different understandings of how research is and should be linked to teacher educators’ competence. We ...

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